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Director in Focus:Jessica HAUSNER

The Sweet Hereafter

Nominees and Awards


Based on the book by Russell BANKS, The Sweet Hereafter recounts the fictional events leading up to and following a school bus accident that kills 14 children in a small town in the British Columbia interior. The story follows the families whose lives irrevocably change and a big-city lawyer, Mitchell Stephens, who hopes to sign them up for a class-action lawsuit. In the ensuing atmosphere of suspicion, guilt and doubt, a surviving teenager named Nicole, who has lost the use of her legs in the accident, regains her strength and dignity and, by telling a lie, reunites the community.





Born in Egypt to Armenian parents, Atom EGOYEN was raised in Western Canada. He received attention at the Sundance Film Festival for his earlier work, then broke through critically and commercially with Exotica (1994). Afterwards, The Sweet Hereafter (1997) led him to receive two Academy Award nominations, and Chloe (2009) became his biggest box office hit.


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