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International Short Film Competition

International short film Competition Lineup

Title Team Country Link
Title: HITO Team: Stephen LOPEZ Country: Philippines
Title: Other Life Team: ROH Do-hyeon Country: South Korea
Title: Luzonensis Osteoporosis Team: Glenn BARIT Country: Philippines
Title: Mountain Land: A Celebration Team: Kris ONG Country: Singapore
Title: TITS Team: Eivind LANDSVIK Country: Norway
Title: Cross My Heart and Hope to Die Team: Sam MANACSA Country: Philippines
Title: Anu Team: Pulkit ARORA Country: India , New Zealand
Title: At Last, the Day Team: Carolina VERGARA Country: Argentina
Title: The River That Never Ends Team: John Thomas TRINIDAD Country: Philippines
Title: Love Has Nothing to Do with It Team: Yotam KNISPEL Country: Israel
Title: Last Call Team: Harry HOLLAND Country: United Kingdom
Title: Heart Fruit Team: Kim ALLAMAND Country: Switzerland
Title: The Smile Team: Erik VAN SCHAAIK Country: Belgium , Netherlands
Title: III Team: Salomé VILLENEUVE Country: Canada
Title: Waking Up in Silence Team: Mila ZHLUKTENKO , Daniel Asadi FAEZI Country: Germany , Ukraine
Title: The Train of Joy Team: Jordi Boquet CLARAMUNT Country: Spain
Title: Ponto Final Team: Miguel López BERAZA  Country: Portugal , Spain
Title: A Kind of Testament Team: Stephen VUILLEMIN Country: France
Title: Republika Team: Antonia BEGUŠIĆ Country: Croatia
Title: Teacups Team: Alec GREEN , Finbar WATSON Country: Australia , Ireland
Title: A Woman in Makueni Team: Daria BELOVA , Valeri ALUSKINA Country: Germany , Kenya
Title: Things Unheard Of Team: Ramazan KILIÇ Country: Turkey
Title: 48 Hours Team: Azadeh MOUSSAVI Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Title: MAD Team: Guram NARMANIIA Country: Russia
Title: Slow Light Team: Przemysław ADAMSKI , Katarzyna KIJEK Country: Poland
Title: Bride Stone Team: Guzel DUISHENKULOVA Country: Kyrgyz Republic
Title: Ur Heinous Habit Team: Eugene KOLB Country: United States
Title: The Red Suitcase Team: Cyrus NESHVAD Country: Luxembourg
Title: Silkworm Team: Amir HONARMAND Country: Canada , Iran, Islamic Republic of
Title: On My Father's Grave Team: Jawahine ZENTAR Country: France , Morocco
Title: Catching Birds Team: Lea Marie Lembke , Simon Maria KUBIENA Country: Austria , France , Germany
Title: FÁR Team: Gunnur Martinsdóttir SCHLÜTER Country: Iceland
Title: Tomato Kitchen Team: XIAO Junyi Country: China
Title: Wireless Team: José Puchades MARTÍNEZ (Putxa)  , Julieta GASROC  , David Maqueda PAVO  Country: Spain
Title: The Passerby Team: Hannah LETAÏF Country: Belgium
Title: A Day in February Team: Klaas DIERSMANN Country: United Kingdom
Title: A Lullaby for Yellow Roses Team: Rahul ROYE Country: India
Title: Yellow Team: Elham EHSAS Country: Afghanistan , United Kingdom
Title: Men of the Night Team: Judith AUFFRAY Country: France
Title: Infantry Team: Laís Santos ARAÚJO Country: Brazil
Title: All Tomorrow's Parties Team: ZHANG Dalei Country: China
Title: Budapest Silo Team: Zsófia PACZOLAY Country: Belgium , Hungary , Netherlands , Portugal
Title: Jill, Uncredited Team: Anthony ING Country: Canada , United Kingdom