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Kids Fantasy: Animation (2)
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The movie opens with a little rain boot laying on a river’s side. She wakes up and starts her way alone in the forest. Night falls, the boot falls asleep but she is bothered by a harvest mouse that is trying to find something to eat. They are interested in each other but their encounter is interrupted by a fox’s attack. This adventure starts their friendship and their journey through the forest. Their trip together is stopped by a road; the boot has to cross alone to return home and to her people.



Thēodore JANVIER

My childhood dream was to become an illustrator. While in art preparatory class I discovered that 3D animation allowed the continuity of the skills I acquired in drawing. Since then I developed a passion for character modeling.



I have always been captivated by animation movies, so I decided to live off it. At first, I did a 3D license at LISAA in Paris, then I did a master's degree at École des Nouvelles Images in Avignon. I would like to do modeling and surfacing in the near future.



The first 3D animation film I watched at age around eight got me hooked and making it my job became obvious. I have been drawing since I was a child and have always been passionate about cinema.


Anabelle DAVID

It is during a basic stop-motion exercise in art preparatory class that I understood animation was what I would do next. I then went to École des Nouvelles Images to achieve that goal. For our project, I mainly worked on animation.



Born in France, I have loved animation since I was a kid. I started my journey in the animation world at École des Nouvelles Images. I specialize in animation and rigging but I also worked on the sound editing of the film.



I was a child when I discovered impressionist painters. I was impressed by the stories emerging from the paintings, their compositions, colors, lights, and characters’ expressions. Being at the origin of the story, I principally worked on the story-board, the layout, the editing and the animation.


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