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Me and Me


One woman and one black cat share a city life together. This life is pleasant and relaxed sometimes, while sad and lonely at other times. The protagonist feels every minute detail in life, and senses the warmth and glitter of life in the briefest of moments. This film takes inspiration from classic French cinema. The director captures the lights and shades of a city and the feeling of solitude with black and white sketches and colorful pastels. The film aspires to be a poem, a brisk song, and a gift to every “one” living alone in cities.




CHEN Chiu-ling

CHEN Chiu-ling is a Taiwanese illustrator and animation director who aims to explore life with a nuanced perspective and express poetic fantasies with hand-drawn textured art. Her work is seen across audiovisual media, advertisements, and publications. She won Best Animation at the 2011 Taipei Film Awards for The Other Side.


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