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Red Tail

Nominees and Awards

  • ★ 2022 Venice Film Festival


At a train station floating in the cloud, a mysterious red tail catches the boy’s attention. Chasing the red tail, the boy travels through countless magical places, runs into bizarre creatures, and finally he meets the gentleman, who seems to know his secrets more than he does. When the red tail reminds the boy of his own memory and sadness, what are the secrets hidden behind, and where will they lead him next?

After winning a Golden Horse Award for the animation Gold Fish, Zero One Film and Fish Wang have teamed up again, in collaboration with Funique VR, to create the VR title Red Tail, inspired by Wang’s same-named comic story. The mysterious red tail leads viewers on a magical journey, creating a poetic metaphor of people’s childhood memories.





Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1971, Fish WANG is a graduate of Arts & Craft Department of Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School. He has been involved in animation and comics for more than 20 years, working in an animation company as a layout composer and art designer. His recent animated short, Gold Fish, has won the Best Animated Short at the 2019 Golden Horse Awards. 


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