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The Post-90s Generation
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The Remains


Fang, a young and innocent female dancer, has a pure love for dance. Her experienced and strict female teacher, Xue, who used to capture the spotlight on the dance floor, has an extreme pursuit of performance. The power of obsession, however, has almost driven her crazy. The relationship between master and apprentice becomes entangled with mutual obsessions, causing a great change in both their lives. Will an unexpected failure transform Fang's own obsession into paranoia? Life is an experience with various obsessions. But is obsession the motivation of living? Or is it simply the reason why we exist?




TSAI Chia-ying

TSAI Chia-ying is a film director born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He first worked for a production company before moving to New York and completing an MFA degree in filmmaking. His debut feature, The Visitors, was selected as the closing film of the Kaohsiung Film Festival and earned multiple Golden Bell Award nominations.


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