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Little Rain Worms

Nominees and Awards

  • ★ 2023 Poland ANIMOCJE Animation Film Festival


Two young rain worms, who always crawl out of a hole after a shower, start carrying out their “great ideas”. Sometimes they tease each other, but mostly they have to help each other. Their problem is that the bird sleeping in a tree above them gets disturbed by their mischief, and when it finally wakes up, the bird wants to catch them. But the little rain worms are nifty fellows and they always save their skins at the last moment by fleeing underground. 




Jaromír GÁL

Jaromír GÁLGál is a Czech artist, animator, screenwriter and director.


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER Reel TWO 2023/10/07 Saturday 13:30
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER Reel ONE 2023/10/10 Tuesday 13:30
Kaohsiung Film Archive 3F Screening Room 2023/10/21 Saturday 13:00

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