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Kaohsiung Shorts B
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Little Deaths


Two sisters live in a second-hand store where drug parties are common. Chun finds solace by hiding herself in an old fridge, while Chieh appears indifferent. After a quiet murder is almost carried out on a summer afternoon, Chun realizes her seemingly amiable uncle is a perpetrator, plunging her into an emotional abyss.




LIU Chun-yu

LIU Chun-yu is an ethnic Hakka born and raised in Hsinchu. His recent works depict women in various social contexts, with particular emphasis on the lives of foreigners and children. His film Red was selected for the Golden Harvest Awards, while Invisible Children was nominated in the International Short Film Competition of the Kaohsiung Film Festival.


Cinema Auditorium Time Notes Tickets
Kaohsiung Main Public Library 7F Ji Hui Auditorium 2023/10/14 Saturday 18:30
NEIWEI ARTS CENTER Reel TWO 2023/10/19 Thursday 20:30

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